Season 2 // Episode 1

Back 'Fore' The Belt

Season 2 premiere features co-host extraordinaire Larry Murphy. The PGA of America Hall of Famer joins Dave to ring in the new season. Maple River is on the tee and a couple of Maple River’s best get another chance at a hole-in-one for a brand-new car. The Dakota Medical Foundation ‘Shot of the Season’ and the Tharaldson Ethanol ‘Pro Shots’ are introduced as new features to add to the show’s mission of charitable giving. And finally, a Championship belt is now in play. Sit back and enjoy The Hole in One Show, where anything could happen…

Featuring: Dave Schultz (Host/Pro), Larry Murphy (Co-Host), #1 Ted Chizek, #2 William Barker, #3 Patty Oleson, #4 Eric Laufenberg, #5 Jeremy Davis, #6 Zach Bertschi


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Season 2 // Episode 1

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